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Singing lessons

Our structured classes will prepare you for a whole new world of vocal ease and get you on stage doing what you have always dreamed of doing.

One on one classes, group, Video & Skype lessons available now

                                                                     School holiday workshops & day programes 


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Guitar Lessons  All ages.   Students of all ages are welcome to come to group or one on one classes and experience the life-long joy of guitar. 

One on one classes, group, Video & Skype lessons available now

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

Pop/Rock Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Based in simple music theory, the contemporary piano/keyboard course produces players who are reliant on their developed skill rather than just robotic-ally playing off a piece of paper.   We do provide full sight reading & music theory classes for students that desire this. These musicians will be be capable of performing in any type of ensemble situation.  

One on one classes, group, Video & Skype lessons available now

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136


Harmonix Singing Classes

Harmonix was initially our waiting list program for our extremely popular Vocal Coaching spots.  But Harmonix has taken on it's own life now.   Having done many performance around Waitaki the group is fun & educational.    Rock choir has no auditions & is an all ages program.   It involves lessons, warm ups & performance.   

Also a great holiday program for all ages.

7pm Tuesdays Includes Vocal workshops, warm ups, Songs and CONCERT performances. All ages & Genders.

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

School Of Rock (Artist Mentoring)

School of Rock is a programme that give students OF ALL AGES (Adults, primary, imntermediate & high schools) a chance to perform in a group and garner expeirience of live performance and all the preperation it takes to put on a great show.   We have had bands win two SmokeFree RockQuest regional Finals (& Viewers choice award), Plus several Battle of the bands, Rising star awards, Gold Guitar awards, and many other talent quests.   We also actively support our students at competitions nationwide.  for all ages.  BAND DUO OR SOLO DEVELOPMENT OFFERED

Mentoring Classes  & Workshops TBA  or at request
One on one classes, group & Skype lessons available now
JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]
Phone- 027 418 2136


Make short media clips to show friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc... Produce a show.  

*FUN * Confidence * Creativity *Improv  * Stage Skills * Performance *Communication *FUN FUN FUN *Drama skills for today *Industry/life skills *Acting for all purposes *Speech *Transferable Skills *Shows *Afterschool  *Holiday programs  *Musical Theatre *Workshops *Theatre Sports & MORE FUN

All Encore classes work toward a presentation or production of some kind.   Our Encore tutors have experience on theatre/music stages, music video's, tv and dance troupes. 

Performance covers a bit of everything from dance to drama to singing. During term classes, performance will be about learning and performing a “work-in-progress” mini-musical. This intro class will introduce students to drama through a theatre sports warm up and explore the use of the three disciplines as we work on a popular musical opening number. NB.Students will be asked to familiarize themselves with the musical number before the class. 

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TBSOM have developed an innovative (One of a kind) program as a solution to inschool music needs.    The programs runs for a term and includes,  Guitar,  Singing,  Piano, Ukulele, Percussion, Drama, Song writing and more.   The term culminates in a performance as the students are learning skills that are transferable between each module.  As the term goes by students get attached to an instrument and an Ensemble forms semi-organically.  Over the time they get slowly introduced to small chunks of essential music theory. 

We also offer group classes in Guitar,  Singing, Ukulele, Percussion, Band, Songwriting, Drama, Dance & Piano.  These classes improve on the skills learnt in the Music Madness program.  For those who have shown the wish to receive individual lessons,  we are happy to offer this at the school as well.    These classes can be programmed after school if required.     Available for pre-school, primary, intermediate, high schools holiday programs and special needs groups.    Also a big hit with schools looking at producing choirs and annual school productions. 

JAE BEDFORD [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136


The Bedford school of Music and Performing Arts presents its newest service called clubs.

It's an 8 week in-school program where students have a go at a subject such as...


Students will produce a small Newsapaper/Online & Zine using while learning the basics of modern print jounalism.


Based on our innovative & extremely popular #InstantDrama program, Drama club teaches the art of Improv while producing

short film/improvs for social media platforms.


Based on our hugely succesful School of Rock band mentoring program this bring musicians with enough ability to play a song together

to create a band.


Beginners guitar made easy through our proven method.  We use fun songs the kids know.


Singing club is a fun way to learn about singing in a group.  We use fun songs the kids know.


The basic of easy website building.  Using easy to use/free platforms.


Percussion club builds technique in a fun approachable way that anyone can learn.


This module comes from our new #SocialBroadcasting program where students learn some simple photography/editing

techniques to get great photos on almost any device.  


Keyboard club teaches the basics of music theory and students learn to improv and play simple tunes very quickly using our proven techniques.


An easy method to learn the basics of ukelele while playing fun modern songs the students know.


Fun, creative & easy songwriting techniques that anyone can learn. 


This has been one of our most successful programs and includes weekly modules of different subjects such as Singing, Drama, Guitar, Songwriting, Percussion, Ukulele, Keyboard & more

We use many different payment systems to provide our services.   Some are whereby the students pay & some arrangements have been made

were the school pay.   Some times the school pays while collecting a nominal fee from the families.  Feel free to ask more questions.


EVERY SCHOOL HOLIDAY, Available in Oamaru, Dunedin, Timaru, Waimate, Geraldine, Waitaki Valley and your school or holiday program provider.   We do short courses and full day activities.   




-Kids Karaoke


-HARMONIX (Rock Choir)

-MUSIC MADNESS (Can include anuything we do)




-Performing arts




-Thunderstruck (Drum & Percussion)



-Music Theory



-News Paper Club

-Event Photography

-Event Management

-Social Media made easy

-Websites made easy

-Improv acting for all ages


-Public Speaking

-Back In The Saddle (Adult band mentoring program)


JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

Bass Lessons Basic one on one lessons with Jae Bedford available now.   Learn the essential skills to play any genre of music.

One on one classes, group, Video & Skype lessons available now

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

Ukulele Lessons is a Individual or group class that covers an introduction to Uke, right up to the performance expeirience.   

One on one classes, group & Skype lessons available now

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136


*Contests *Prizes *Fun *Confidence

Most suitable for family venues like bowling alleys, Sports centre's & Ice Skating.   

1000's of songs

Lighting & Greatsound.

[email protected] 


'Ensemble classes'
These are like 'School of Rock' 'Guitar Group' & 'Rock Choir' for band duo or solo entertainers. This program can be part of your regular one on one & mentoring classes. We will partner you with other students every few weeks for one hour classes to prepare for concerts and "External opportunities". includes workshop opportunities. These classes improve the chance of getting onstage and gaining experience. Students will graduate into more challenging situations as they require. This applies to all instruments.    We have had bands win two SmokeFree RockQuest regional Finals (&Viewers choice award), Plus several Battle of the bands and talent quests.   We also actively support our students at competitions nationwide.

Music festival workshops/talent quests/shocases  (Available with all instraments)

Workshops includes Guitar Bootcamp, Sing Better, Ukulele, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Jazz & Blues, Songwriting, School of rock mentoring, Recording, Chord augmentation, 12 bar, smooth, Improv & Trad and more from the author of 'One man band', 'Rock the foundations' & 'Rock & Blues Harmonica' & More.     We've been running these workshops all over the south island in schools & music festivals.

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

School Productions and Choirs

TBSOM has a huge range of skilled technicians/practichioners available to help with all facets of school productions, Choirs & School Bands.   

Jae Bedford

[email protected]


Song Poets Corner Songwriting classes are taken by industry professionals with a proven track record in producing consistently great songs in many different genres.

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

Harmonica Honkin' is a harmonica programme designed by Jae Bedford who has recorded harmonica tracks for many bands and on his own solo albums.   This course covers cross harp, straight harp and gypsy harp and improv. 

One on one classes, group & Skype lessons available now

Group classes TBA  or at request

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

Theory Classes for all ages.   Music theory is the nuts and bolts that makes great musicians tick.

One on one classes, group & Skype lessons available now

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

Encore Centrestage
Our aim is to encourage and empower people with disabilities through Drama, self expression, language, communication & Music. The CentreState program has been developed through several years of development in programs that have seen people of all ages and abilities achieve a level of competency that gives that is its own reward. The tools we utilize are music, speech, Drama, dance, performance, writing and art. The Bedford School of music enviroment is a non judgemental creative space. This program is designed to grow a new skill set, confidence, experience, respect and relationship building.
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Appropriate performance opportunities, Drums, Guitars (Cheats chords and easy alt tuning), Drama/acting, Percussion instruments, Supereasy Piano,  Dance, Speech, Make-Your-Own percussion instrument, Singing, Vocal aerobics, Music Madness &  Karaoke Krazy. 


Home recording, demo's & live recording techniques & secrets to get you started

One on one classes, group & Skype lessons available now

JAE BEDFORD- [email protected]

Phone- 027 418 2136

'Event management'
we are always needing help to put on our events and if you wish to make a living in the future in the entertainment industry this is a program for you. It includes learning sound, events management, recording and so much more. Includes workshop opportunities.

One on one classes, group & Skype lessons available now

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